Quality is the only added value

On the purchasing side, it is our strategy to work only with specialized factories, with the technical capabilities of connecting the plant closely with the product to be produced. The communication between customer, Formaco and factory are in an open and transparent manner. Cooperation with the plants is based on long-term contractual representative agreement. Formaco is therefore the sole and direct sales representative of these factories.

Benefits for our customers

  • Formaco informs, provides technical knowledge and execute project management
  • Price advantage through combined purchasing
  • Reducing purchasing risk => reducing rejection costs
  • Assurance of quality through process and structure analysis by audits
  • Analysis of non-conformances
  • Total involvement in project, production and organization based on LEAN principles
  • Direct and open communication
  • Long-term relationships with suppliers
  • Financially stable partners
  • Controlling our suppliers based on Key Performance Indicators
  • High degree of reliability

Formaco will serve you through adequate actions and stands for

  • Wide scope of supply
  • Technical skills and solid advice
  • A fast, complete and clear quotation
  • Fulfilling our commitments

Our team consists dedicated professionals with years of specialist experience in your industry. Formaco delivers forgings and castings in all required material grades. It starts by weight about 150 kg but reaches its limit at 150 tons. In size it is highly depending on type of material, weight and shape. Parts will be exported in pre-machined or final machined condition according to your standards, certification requirements and testing requirements. By adequate and strict project management we ensure that all agreements are complied with your demands. If you have questions or comments and wishes you a quick response, please contact our team. From Formaco you will always receive an answer.


Formaco informs the customer constantly about the project. Formaco supports the customer in the technical structure of the specification and provides direction to the factories for a proper transfer of the demands. If we are involved in your process as early as possible at the conclusion of the specification increases your quality advantage throughout the chain. A large purchasing volume is directed and procured efficiently. This benefit is reflected towards our customers.

After sales

We try to assist you as close as possible, before and during a job and even after delivery. We stand for an open relationship. If you have questions or comments, you need a quick response, Formaco will answer immediately.